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PreSend’s Unique NFTs

Buy a piece of history and have EXCLUSIVE access! 

Do not miss your chance to be the FACE of the CHANGE in the cryptocurrency markets, while also grabbing your slice of the pie and potentially earning a reward/commission from aiding in the security of crypto wallets, transactions, & global participants! BECOME AN AFFILIATE OF PRESEND!

If that is not enough: NEVER pay a single fee on a PreSend transaction, JUST FROM OWNING AN NFT!


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About collection

7,500 EVER! 

Presend Guardian Angel NFTs!

(Artwork Not Pictured)

PreSend launches an NFT collection containing 7,500 NFTs and there will NEVER be a second chance to buy an NFT!

Funds raised from NFT sales will be used to further develop our software and platform as well as mass marketing to bring the PreSend software to the global community for mass adoption.

About the Artist
Unique Ideas is what makes the NFT Worth it

I am not about the NFT Artwork. The focus should be on the project itself!

Creating a utility behind the NFT is what I do best. 

Without a use case, this ecosystem ceases to exist.

This NFT has a real business & software attributed to it. We have absolutely changed the game!

Don’t believe me? Go see what Wolfer Finance is doing!

From The Creator of Wolfer Finance Comes The PreSend NFT Collection

In the world’s largest NFT marketplace known to mankind thus far!

About NFT

Why Should You Own a PreSend Member NFT?

The 7,500 retail member collection NFT holders receive fee free access to PreSend, free access to the private PreSend Discord community, & the ability to become affiliates and earn rewards/commissions worth 10%.

Across the top 24 cryptocurrency blockchains (everything from Ethereum all the way down to Theta and Cosmos) there are around 42.5M transactions per day!

This is in a BEAR market as well. If the market turns bullish you can easily double these figures.

If PreSend were to safeguard just 10% of those daily transactions (4.25M transactions) this would generate around $4.25M in revenue per day !

This means that per week (at just 10% of the top 24 blockchains’ transactions) PreSend could generate around $29.75M!

Per month, with the same assumptions present, the revenue could be around $127.5M.

Take this a step further (1 year out, and assuming no growth in transactions per day, nor the percentage of transactions that PreSend protects) and the income comes out to the tune of $1.5B per year!

And YOU, as an NFT holder and affiliate, could be rewarded with a portion of this via commissions and rewards bonuses!

Want to get in?

Do Not Miss Your Chance to Change the Cryptoverse! Get in NOW!

There is NO SECOND ROUND! Once minted it is GONE FOREVER!