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Transact With More Security!

PreSend is the first of its kind: The market participants’ cryptocurrency and wallet transaction Guardian Angel!

Why Presend app

Save Time & Secure Transfer 

No More Test Transactions. No More looking up the correct chain. Presend Automatically checks everything for you, in micro-seconds. Let us do the heavy lifting!

Trusted and Secure

Fully Audited Smart Contracts via

Rapid growth

PreSend aims to have over 1 million daily users in 2023.

Works Automatically

Let PreSend worry about Chains, Coins, & Gas fee optimization. Set it and forget it!


Fully Automated  Transaction Security!

PreSend works with every chain/wallet that is synced to your wallet.

If it is in your wallet, PreSend works on it.
This goes for anything you add to your wallet later.

PreSend covers it all in one simple, easy to use, software!
With the click of a button you have now secured your entire portfolio and do not have to worry about it ever again!

People trust us

Soon to be Thousands of Users Around the GLOBE!

This is the crypto participants’ best friend. PreSend automates the security of transactions and gives all users peace of mind with minimal effort required from the user!