Our Story

About PreSend

With the end consumer in mind, PreSend aims to make EVERY transaction on the blockchain safe, thus saving millions of dollars for cryptocurrency market participants in the process.
Our mission

We are Helping People Protect Their Portfolios!

PreSend takes a strategically proactive approach, considering the problematic nature of having hundreds of different blockchains that aren’t necessarily compatible or communicating with each other.

What we DO

Millions of Market Participants GLOBALLY!

What PreSend does is aid it’s users in the avoidance of a mismatched, in terms of blockchains, transaction from happening.

PreSend nips this in the proverbial “bud” from the start, this way the transaction never goes through.

PreSend’s proprietary and patented software performs automated double-checks to ensure that the user has entered valid transaction details, and the user doesn’t have to do anything extra for this process to complete.

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For beginners

Watch our Presend guide for beginners

Coming soon:

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how we integrate PreSend directly with your wallet of choice.

This is a one-time set up, and you do not need to do anything further once set up.

PreSend runs in the background and protects your wallet(s) and asset(s) FOREVERMORE!


Meet Our Partners

Our company was founded in 2022.

PreSend.io has partnered with Chainlink & Blockem.io, and connected with the development team of Chainlink to develop a smart contract that automates the charging and claiming process for users!

PreSend.io has also partnered with Wolfer Finance to integrate their network with the Wolfer Finance ecosystem and help bring PreSend.io to the global community!