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Presend: Making Crypto Easy

If it is in your wallet, PreSend works with it. PreSend covers it all in one simple, easy to use, software!

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Why PreSend Exists

One of the major bottlenecks in the crypto industry is the interoperability (or lack thereof) of separate protocols across Web3.

This wasn’t a problem over a decade ago when bitcoin was
the only digital alternative currency to fiat.

With that said, as the crypto space expands with new
digital currencies, creating independent blockchain infrastructure for the circulation of native
tokens within their own network, an issue needing urgent attention has arisen.

However, token developers have yet to devise a way for users to perform cross-chain transactions (transfer value
from one separate blockchain to another).

How You Can Earn DOUBLE!

The rewards & commissions for our affiliates will also be DOUBLED for said month ONLY.

          For example: if an affiliate is being paid 10% of the fees from the wallets that use its link to sign up, said affiliate will receive 20% of the fees generated for the wallets that signed up under its affiliate link for the month the milestone is reached ONLY.

50,000 active users – The same rules apply.

100,000 active users – The same rules apply.

250,000 active users – The same rules apply.

500,000 active users – The same rules apply.

1,000,000 active users – The same rules apply.

2,500,000 active users – The same rules apply.

5,000,000 active users – The same rules apply.

7,500,000 active users – The same rules apply.

10,000,000 active users – The same rules apply.

And Beyond!

Main Advantages

Long gone is the “woe” of the user that entered the wrong chain address. Never lose hard-earned funds again…. Thanks, PreSend!


Minimal Fees

PreSend only charges $1.00 per transaction, or 00.20% of the entire transaction (whichever is larger). 

A small price to pay for peace of mind and security!


Optimized Gas

PreSend can potentially predict and recommend gas/transaction fees more accurately in the future.

Saving the user countless dollars in the process.


Patent Pending & Secure

proprietary and patent pending software performs automated double-checks to ensure
that the user has entered valid transaction details, and the user doesn’t have
to do anything extra for this process to complete. 


Cross-Chain Integrated

PreSend works with every chain/wallet that is synced to your wallet.

If it is in your wallet, PreSend works with it.



PreSend has a fully documented team and LLC registered in the United States of America. 

The documents, team, etcetera are available for viewing at any time.


Easy To Use

If you can install MetaMask, or set up any wallet known to mankind, you have successfully finished a process that is much more complicated and time intense than installing PreSend. 

Business Model

PreSend charges only $1.00 per transaction, or an aggregated 00.20% of the entire transaction fee (whichever is larger), to ensure that the user’s hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars are safe, secure, and compatible for said transactions. 

A single $100 transaction that PreSend cancels due to an incompatible chain can literally pay for 100 PreSend transactions. 

Imagine what a $1,000+ transaction can save and afford you!